【Obong】Pure Crocodile Oil

Produced in Sabah Borneo, 100% natural, no chemicals added

**Wet poison rash skin sensitive eliminate oil particles lightening acne impression whitening spot natural anti-inflammatory repair wound 100% natural harmless to the body**
*pet care* hair removal redness and itching
*after-sun care* peeling scald knife injury
*sleeping care* light Press 1 minute to activate the cell regeneration skin more slippery
*travel care* Ants mosquito bites inexplicable swelling and pain
The crocodile oil is extracted from the adipose tissue of crocodile. Scientific research shows that the ingredient “antibacterial peptide” in crocodile fat can extinguish the highly toxic bacteria that can not be extinguished by standard antibiotics. In fact, no matter how serious the crocodile is in the fight, or even soaked in the polluted mud, their wounds are rarely infected, and they can heal and recover in a short time! Scientists have discovered that crocodiles are the world’s strongest immune system species! 🐊

【Crocodile Oil treating👇🏻】
✔Skin sensitive
✔Fat grain
✔Keratodermia Tylodes Palmaris Progressiva
✔Mosquito bites
✔Skin care

origin:Malaysia Borneo


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【Usage method】
✔If there are acne on the face, you can squeeze out the pus and apply crocodile oil directly in the acne area after cleaning, which can help to reduce inflammation and heal the wound. Can apply for few times per day. Can reduce acne scar!

✔After sun exposure, apply directly to the skin to prevent dryness and itchiness. Even if peeling, it can immediately provide moisture.

✔Using heater during winter time can cause skin dryness, apply crocodile oil on the face or body can form a protective film to prevent dry skin problems!

✔When the mosquitoes bite and blisters, apply crocodile oil on the wound after punctured and cleaned. It can reduce inflammation and swelling, and heal the wound without leaving scar.

✔When eczema is developed, it can relieve skin itch and discomfort (the common western medicine-steroids for eczema can cause skin retention/black marks. But crocodile oil can lighten and eliminate black marks). Also effective on other skin allergy.

✔Eyecare, massage the eye area from the outside to the inside in a circular motion. Can reduce fine lines, dark circles and grease particles! Long-term massage of the face at night can also reduce the freckle!

✔Can be used on pets as well, such as injury, sensitive and hair loss. Directly apply on the skin, gently rubbed for better absorption. No worry if pet accidentally eat it, because it is 100% natural!


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